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Creating a Profitable Business in the Digital Age

The largest gathering of motivated, location independent, high performing female entrepreneurs creating businesses their way.



How many times have you registered for an event, went to the event, during that said event you were super pumped, motivated, ready to take on the world, couldn't wait to implement everything you learned in your business?

Hopped on a plane, got back home. 

Then, Monday came and....... 


That's when it hits you.

You had the best intentions of taking everything you learned and implementing them only to find that the demands of your business take over and as the days pass by, the likely hood of you actually implementing what you learned gets smaller and smaller. 

Yeah. Us too. Been there. Done that.

She Did It Her Way Summit is curated with the intention for you as an attendee to actually get work done while at the summit. To cross things off your to-do list rather than to add. To leave with a plan versus being frazzled and at a lost on where to start once you get back home. To come to the summit with a clear laser focus and knowledge on how to get the most from each session.

There will be prep work prior to attending the summit. You'll have clear actionable takeaways from each session, there will be spot on coaching, interaction with speakers and support post the summit. 

Your success is our success.





Hey girl hey!


Before we continue, I want to know if this sounds like you or if you've ever experienced the following....


- Massive doubt in your business, fear that you're not good enough, wondering if you'll ever "make it?"


- Frustration because you seem to have all your systems in place but for some reason, they're not working. They're not converting and they're not helping grow your business?


- Questioning the content that you're putting out and wondering if anyone is even reading it? 


- You change your website copy on the regular hoping you can find something that sticks and will make your visitors want to sign up for your email list but nothing seems to work?


- And even when the visitors do get on your email list you're not exactly sure what to do with them? How to write to them? How to segment them?


- You're a wee bit overwhelmed on where to start when it comes to this whole online marketing, email, copy, SEO, Facebook ads, monkeys, and rhinos...Oh, wait. What are those doing there? But man, doesn't it feel like everything is one black hole sometimes. 


- Oh wait, then you find a way to distract yourself and pop on Instagram and look at other's highlight reels and immediately start feeling insecure and go back to the beginning of... 


"Can I even do this?"


And the answer is...




The first step in growing your business and growing you is by investing in yourself. 

By learning from those who have already proven the model, learned from their own mistakes, so you don't have to. 

In the beginning stages of our business when it comes to investing in ourselves we often convince our mind in thinking... 

"I will someday.

Just not right now.

I don't have time.

I need to make money.

I don't have enough money.

It isn't a top priority." 

When in fact that is the first and foremost thing you need to be doing is investing in yourself.

Your mind. Your tools. Your network. Your knowledge.


Some of the speakers are the top in their class....

- One of them (well they're co-founders) run an extremely profitable online business educating other female business owners. In fact, the just hit their first 6-figure month. I mean, like yes, I want to learn from them!


- Another quit her almost 6 figure paying salary and decided to teach students how to get their college education paid for through scholarships! Why? Because she got her education paid for through scholarships and then some. (She used the extra for a downpayment on a home at the age of and savvy.) She was also very strategic in building up her then side hustle (now main hustle) so when she made the transition she was ready. So yeah, I definitely want to hang out with this savvy chick!


- Another speaker invested $4,000 on a retreat before she quit her corporate job. From that retreat alone she has reaped the benefits that it offered and now helps write copy for some pretty big names...anyone knows Jenna Kutcher?


I mean I could go on and on about the lineup. 


The best part about all the speakers? Is that they are genuine as they come.

They don't pretend to be better than others because they know they're not.

We're all in this together. 

They're humble, kind and open.

And my favorite part of all is that they're REAL as they come.

We are the sum of the 5 closest people we hang out with the most. Why not make those 5 people, people who influence us for the better, who challenge us, cheer us on, give us tough love and unconditional support? 

Find those 5 people on purpose, not by chance.


With that I invite you to come hang out with a bunch of motivated women who are all bettering themselves, investing in themselves, GSD'ing and having a blast while doing it. 


Sending you the best positive vibes I can from Chicago,



The Deets

Wednesday, April 25th

Welcome Kickoff



Thursday, April 26th

Day One



Friday, April 27th

Day Two



Closing Celebration



***Followed by dinner on your own***

After party

We will meet at a location to keep the celebration going!


Schedule of Events

Get ready for a jammed packed two days in Chicago, learning how to create a profitable business in the digital age. Scroll down to see the full line-up!



Welcome Celebration

Wednesday, April 25th


6:00pm - 7:30pm



Day 1

Thursday, April 26th


Check In + Light Bites + Coffee + Mingle 


Provided by Kitchfix

Cashew Yogurt Parfaits + Grain-free Granola + Waffle Bar

Coffee Provided by Unicreamer

Welcome Kickoff


5 Minute Meditation lead by Alma Omeralovic

Amanda Goolsby

    10:30am - 11:15am       

"How to Build, Grow and Sustain a Fully Aligned Business"

Jessica Zweig


"Simply Be You. Personal Branding for Women Entrepreneurs"

No matter where you are in your career, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate soldier, a C-Level exec or an entry level manager, you must realize no one does business with products, logos, or brands. We do business with people. The sooner you can identify what kind of person YOU are, the sooner other people will know who you are, what you do and how good you are at doing it. It is only then that you become the person everyone wants to hire, to meet with, to ask for advice, to connect with and to buy from. After all, you might not be your job title for the next 100 years, but you will definitely be you. In this workshop, we will uncover ways that you're subconsciously telling a story about yourself in your workplace, and give you the tools to intentionally manage your own narrative. We will provide the tools and tips to establish your corporate personal brand and uncover your "super power solution" to make you indispensable, teach you how to tell your brand story in the clothes you wear, how to convey your personal brand via email, how to use social media to enhance your message and much more.



Rapid Fire


Who's in the hot seat? Have a chance to get on the spot coaching from our experts.

Steph Crowder


"Productive & Profitable: How to Plan Your Best Week, Every Week"

Stop wondering what to work on each week & start making real progress towards your dreams. Plan your entire work week once, and actually get meaningful stuff *done* this time. It's possible to supercharge your productivity WITHOUT breaking your neck to get it all done. In this hands-on session, you'll learn a repeatable system for highly productive weeks -- and it only takes 15 minutes, a notebook and a pen to make it happen.



Scale Your Skills: How To Use Online Courses To Go Beyond One-to-One

You have a passion, a talent or a skill that others would love to learn about. But how do you go from knowing something to being able to teach it to others? Learn how to build an effective, irresistible online course that your audience will be delighted to enroll in, even if you’ve never done it before.



Mingle with fellow attendees and speakers.

Jocelyn Pearson


"5 Steps to Building a Profitable Online Funnel"

"The money is in the email list!" is a message many entrepreneurs share. What exactly does that mean? We are going to cover the importance of email in building a profitable funnel, as well as how to create a funnel that can make you money while you sleep. You will leave this session with implementable strategies and real-life examples on how to collect thousands of valuable emails and convert them into your raving fans.

Wrap Up


Co-Working Session

Location - TBD


Use this time to implement what you learned from the day and enjoy the company of others getting stuff done.


Day 2  

Friday, April 27th


V.I.P. Breakfast - Shauna VanBogart


"Understand Your Customer Journey and Create a Highly Referable Business"

You know you need a funnel but what are those exact milestones on that funnel and how do you best connect with your audience as they move closer to your conversion point? That’s where the Customer Journey Roadmap (CJR) comes into play. Get this invaluable tool to help you better understand the in and out flow of your clients in your business so that you can more easily attract and convert ideal clients and also turn those happy clients into powerful referrers. This CJR will also help you get clear on a content strategy that speaks in your customers language so you know exactly what to say and when, guiding you to closed sales with a snap of your fingers.

Light Bites + Coffee + Mingle


Provided by Kitchfix

Cashew Yogurt Parfaits + Grain-free Granola + Waffle Bar

Coffee Provided by Unicreamer

Welcome Kickoff


5 Minute Meditation lead by Alma Omeralovic

Ashlyn Carter

10:15am - 11:00am

"How to Write Copy that Converts"

Let's Talk about How to Match Your Brand Voice and Write Copy that Converts

Panel + Q&A

Ashlyn Carter, Jocelyn Pearson, Shauna VanBogart


We take your questions and put our speakers in the hot seat ;)



Provided by Farmer's Fridge

Maya Elious


"Reach Your Audience Faster: Publish Twice As Much High-Value Content Using Processes & System"

This 45 minute session is designed to help you create a system so you can create and publish content more consistently.



Mingle with fellow attendees and speakers.

Think Creative Collective


"Repurpose for Profit: How to Create a Content Calendar That Can Actually Make You Money"

Emylee and Abagail are going to share their method of Rinse & Repeat - how to repurpose content to grow your audience and make more money. They typically see so many people spend all their energy creating their content calendar for social media or blogging, but feel like it's not serving a greater purpose. They're sharing how they take that same content and create products, services, opt-ins, offers, books, webinars, and more with it.

Closing Celebration Time!



Closing Celebration

Friday, April 27th

Godfrey Hotel




I signed up for the She Did it Her Way summit looking for direction. I went full time with my business 6 months prior to the conference and I was searching for the tools and inspiration to take my business to the next level. The speakers were so knowledgeable and the atmosphere was empowering. In talking to the speakers and the other attendees, I walked away feeling rejuvenated, inspired and ready to work!! The SDIHW summit reminded me of why I chose to be an entrepreneur and gave me the confidence to continue moving forward. I highly recommend it — worth every penny!!
— Emily Hamel, Founder of Optimal Organization by Emily
As a woman making the biggest career change/risk in her life, the She Did It Her Way podcast, which led me to attend the She Did It Her Way Summit, has been a game changer for me. The podcast helped me to stay on task in my business plan and was the encouragement I needed in my ears every time I doubted myself. Becoming an entrepreneur while still in a corporate job is the biggest risk I have ever taken in my life. A forever dream and constant tug in my heart, I began to build my business a year ago, listening to the podcast and then when the 1st She Did It Her Way Summit was announced, I knew I had to be there. I attended the Summit one month ahead of launching my business. The women who attended were so amazing to connect with because they were in a similar spot as me. The speakers and their content were phenomenal and so many things that I learned I keep with me in my day to day running of my new business. I highly recommend to any woman who is in the process of launching a business or her business is still in its early days to attend the She Did It Her Way Summit. It is worth every penny and creates a strong foundation for your business to be a success!!!
— Julie Ciardi, Founder of Haven Boutique
We flew in from San Francisco for the first SDIHW summit. From the moment we first arrived at the pre-summit mixer, the energy from all the motivated, inspiring, and savvy women made us feel like we were in the right place. The summit was organized, detailed, and efficient, and we truly felt that even though there were a wide range of businesses and ideas, the summit was customized to our needs as entrepreneurs. We still follow many of the summit influencers, and coaches for tips and ideas, and I never feel hesitant to reach out to my SDIHW sisters for business advice. We are still feeling the support, influence, and power from the West coast! The only thing I wish was better was that it was longer, as we really didn’t want to leave! I hope that the summit will expand to other cities, but we will definitely be back one day.
— Janae Keller and Noelle Acosta, Co-Founders of Vively





Virtualpass (1).png

Can't make the event but still want to experience the amazing content? No problemo. The Virtual Pass is a great option then!

What's included:

+ Access to all speaker sessions post-summit. You can watch and replay as many times as you'd like!

+ Access to a private She Did It Her Way Summit Facebook Group. Here you can engage with summit attendees before and after the event. 

Ticket = $197

Total Value = $397



General Admission 

What's included? Everything in Virtual Pass, plus...

+ All Access to the entire event including Wednesday evening's Welcome Celebration, all day Thursday and Friday, and Friday evening's Closing Celebration.

+ Ability to interact with other attendees in-person, get your questions answered in real-time about your business and that is specific to you. 

+ Swag Bag 

Ticket = $697

Total Value = $997

Payment options are available on the checkout page




What's included? Everything in General Admission plus...

+ Private VIP Breakfast where you get exclusive access  ($500 value)

+ Priority Seating at the Summit where you get the best seat in the house and sit next to other fellow VIP's

+ 4-Week Accelerator post Summit. This accelerator is designed to help you execute on one of your major goals within the four weeks. ($700 value)

Included in this accelerator:                                                         

  • Private Facebook group for VIP's only
  • 2  60-minute calls per week - 1 with Amanda & 1 with a guest speaker from the Summit. Guest speakers include Jocelyn (email marketing), Ashlyn (copy), Think Creative Collective (Content) and Shauna VanBogart. Gain exclusive access and questions answered from the speakers. 
  • Massive accountability to help achieve your ONE goal.

+ Two 30-minute one-on-one calls with Amanda. One prior to the She Did It Her Way Summit and one at the end of the 4 week Accelerator ($250 value)

Ticket = $1,297

Total Value = $2,450

Payment options are available on the checkout page

Want to get involved?

We have a pretty unique niche and opportunity to get involved with female entrepreneurs from across the globe. 


Partnership opportunities include social events, speaking at the event itself and product donation as part of our swag bag.


If you'd like to learn how to partner with She Did It Her Way for our upcoming summit please email the following...

hello (at) shediditherway (dot) com


Thank you for your interest in partnering!


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Wednesday's Welcome Celebration






Godfrey Hotel

127 W. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60654

Settled in the heart of Chicago, The Godfrey Hotel is the ultimate place to stay during the She Did It Her Way Summit.

We have a room block from Wednesday, April 25th - Saturday, April 28th.

$139/night + taxes

Choice between a king or 2 double beds (single/double occupancy respectively)

Please call the hotel directly to book: 312-649-200 (mention She Did It Her Way Summit to receive special offer for room block).

There are a limited number of rooms in the block so please book ASAP

Click here to view the Hotel Gallery of Images.

***The Closing Celebration Friday evening is taking place in the hotel.





Wednesday Night Kickoff


358 W Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60654


Thursday + Friday


965 West Chicago, Chicago, IL 60642



Friday Night's Closing Celebration

Godfrey Hotel

127 W. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60654